Summer Reading Program
Prizes and their point values will be posted in the library. Toys, restaurant coupons, and paperback books will be offered as prizes for children and teens.

jE picture books    10 points

jER early reader    10 points

jI intermediate      50 points

j fiction                100 points

jB biography         50 points

j000-999              10 points

YA young adult     100 points

Program Rules

1. The Summer Reading Program is open to children 2-15 years old. 

2. Each participant’s reading chart will be kept at the library. When books are returned and are to be counted for the reading club, ask the librarian for your reading chart. You must then write the titles of the books you read and their point value on it. Then show your chart to the librarian in order to spend your points on prizes. 

3. Points may be spent immediately or accumulated and turned in at any time during the reading club. 

4. Older children who read aloud to younger children may earn reading credit if both participants come in together to return the shared books. They will receive reading credit at the book’s point value. 

5. Books should be read which are at or above the participants reading level. 

6. The decision of the librarian is final to accept any book for reading credit. 

7. Substitutes may be made if a particular prize is no longer available. 

8. Children that do not have a library card are still invited to participate in the program. They may read at the library but must also sign in with the librarian and have reading materials approved.

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