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Research Services

Requirements for Request

We will do 1-2 hours research on a request. We will provide names of local researchers to those people who require more assistance.

If the response for a request is on microfilm and we have an e-mail address, we will send the response via e-mail unless a hard copy is requested. There is no charge for a response when there is no hard copy.

Email geneaology research requests to


We charge only for the cost of copies and postage not for time spent. Charges are $0.15 per page for pages (8 ½ x 11) copied or printed from microfilm plus cost of postage to mail them. If a response is sent through e-mail only, there is no cost since there are no pages copied and there is no postage. We do not expect advance payment. Copies are mailed with a note giving the cost and payment may then be made.

Independent Researchers

Names of independent researchers will be provided by the library if requested or if the research requires more time than the library staff is able to provide.