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Wabash Legends and Folklore
The Hospital-Secret Cave

This story involves a cave located along the Wabash River near the town of Lagro. The "Hospital" is mentioned in a report by Major John Frances Hamtramck in 1790, ascertaining the distances and conditions of navigation of the Wabash from Vincennes to Ft. Wayne. Early voyageurs sometimes called a place of refuge or shelter a hospital. It has been said that the cave is the Hospital of Hamtramck's report. A wounded Indian crawled near the cave, but due to the seriousness of his injuries, he became unconscious. An Indian maiden found him there and dragged him into the cave. She cared for him until he could care for himself and then she left. The wounded Indian had fallen deeply in love with the girl, and each day he ventured forth in search of food and the maiden. Sadly, though, he finally died, without having discovered the identity of the one who came to his aid in time of need.

Above information taken from: "Miami Indian Stories" by Chief Clarence Godfroy.