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Gold Mine

Wabash Legends and Folklore
An Indian Gold Mine of Long Ago

Years and years ago there were two Miami Indian braves who had found gold along the Wabash River between Francis Godfroy's Trading Post and the city of Huntington, Indiana. When the tribe needed gold the two braves would go by themselves to the secret spot and get it. They brought a large amount of gold back with them each time. The two Indian braves were followed several times by other Indians of their tribe who hoped to find out where the braves were getting the gold, but all these Indian scouts ever discovered was that the gold was hidden somewhere along the Wabash River between the cites of Peru and Huntington. The two Miami Indians would always be gone for several days before they returned with the much needed gold.

As time passed one of the Indian braves became ill and died. Now only one Indian brave knew the secret of the hidden gold mine. This one brave would always go by himself and visit the mine. He would bring back all the gold he could carry for the Indians to use. He was always willing and ready to get the gold whenever his people needed it.

One day this last Miami brave became ill and died. He took the secret of the hidden gold mine with him to the Happy Hunting Ground of the Great Beyond. No one ever found this gold mine though many Indians and white men searched many years for it.

The above information is from "Miami Indian Stories" by Chief Clarence Godfroy.