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Patron Behavior Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Wabash Carnegie Public Library reserves the right to cause to be ejected from the library and to refuse further admission to those individuals who may violate the rights of the staff or library users, or who create disorder in the library in any of the following situations:

  • Any situation in which the actions of a person present an imminent danger to the life or safety of others in the library.
  • Any situation in which a person is observed in an attempt to steal library property or that of another library user, or to destroy library property.
  • Any situation in which a person willfully and purposefully disturbs the staff or other library users or whose behavior is in any way disruptive to the legitimate use of library facilities by others.
  • Any situation in which a person's behavior is inappropriate to the use of the library building and property for the purposes for which it is legally constituted.


Molestation Voyeurism (peeping toms) Exhibitionism
Running or playing Loitering Using obscene language
Disruptive conduct Public intoxication Gambling
Bringing pets into the library Smoking Solicitation
Sleeping Eating or drinking Entering with no shoes or shirt
Leaving children under 7 unattended Placing feet on tables or chairs

Those persons who violate these rules will be asked to leave the library, or, when appropriate, be subject to arrest.

Repeated violators and/or those who refuse to leave will be subject to arrest and prosecution under 35-43-2-2 of the Indiana Code entitled Criminal Trespass.

Adopted 7/13/92: Revised 2/8/00
Board of Trustees
Wabash Carnegie Public Library


Patron Behavior Policy & Computer Use in the Youth Services (Children's) Room

As outlined in the Patron Behavior Policy (Adopted 7/13/92; Revised 2/8/00). The Board of Trustees of the Wabash Carnegie Public Library reserves the right for those individuals who violate the rights of the staff or library users and demonstrate inappropriate behavior (see Patron Behavior Policy) to leave the Library Property.

Such incidents will be handled as follows:
If the youth is asked to leave the computer or leave the building due to disruptive or inappropriate behavior according to Library policy by a staff person, the incident will be documented and Director notified. The Director will in a timely manner send a letter to the patrons' home address stating that the youth must have a parent or legal guardian with them to be able to visit the library or use the computers again. The Director in the letter mailed will also invite the parent(s) or legal guardian the opportunity, such as a meeting, to discuss the concerns in further detail. Once the letter is mailed and a copy is given to the Youth Services Department for their records, a parent of legal guardian will be required to be present with the youth.

Approved 10/16/07
Board of Trustees
Wabash Carnegie Public Library

If there are any questions, please contact Ware W. Wimberly at (260) 563-2972.