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Library Card Fees






The Wabash Carnegie Public Library is a municipal corporation and constitutes an independent taxing unit. The corporate boundaries of the library taxing district are entirely located within the boundaries of the City of Wabash.


Anyone who wishes to borrow materials from the Wabash Carnegie Public Library shall be a registered borrower.  All borrower applications shall be completed in person and signed by the applicant in the presence of library personnel.  Special arrangements may be made for homebound persons.  Addresses of resident and non-resident real property owners will be verified by the library.


Library cards are issued by the library to registered borrowers in the following categories:


A. Resident Borrowers


Any person who is a resident of the library taxing district is considered eligible to apply for a resident borrower's card by completing an application. 

The library issues adult resident and minor resident cards.  Adult resident cards are issued to residents 18 years of age, or older.  Minor resident cards are issued to resident minors under 18 years of age.  All borrower's applications by resident minors shall be signed by a custodial parent or legal guardian assuming all responsibilities for all materials, but permitting the child as an authorized user.  These resident borrower’s cards will be renewed every two years with ID verifying current residency.


B. Non-resident Real Property Owners


Non-resident real property owners are persons who live outside the library taxing district, who own real property within the library district, and who pay taxes on that property to support the library.  Additional cards for immediate family members may be issued by the library at the applicant’s request.  Non-resident real property owners are eligible for a library card by completing a borrower's application.  A property owner's card is issued for one year and renewable annually.


C. Non-Resident, or Fee-Paying Borrowers


Non-resident Fees


Beginning August 1st , 2016, the non-resident fee has changed due to the library’s expenditure per capita amount (Indiana Code 36-12-2-25)   Non-resident cards which can only be issued to an individual can be purchased for a duration of 3 months, 6 months, or one year.  The rates as follows:


3 month non-resident borrower’s card:  $21.00

6 month non-resident borrower’s card:  $42.00

9 months non-resident borrower’s card:  $63.00

1 year non-resident borrower’s card: $84.00


The nonresident cards can only be to an individual, not a family or household

If you have a questions, please contact Ware W. Wimberly, Executive Director.  His number is (260) 563-2972.


Individuals who live outside the library's taxing district may purchase a non-resident card.  The fees are set annually by the Library Board.  Per Indiana Statute (Indiana Code 36-12-2-25), non-resident cards can only be issued to an individual.  Only the individual in whose name the card has been issued may use the card.  Applications by individuals under age 18 must be signed by a custodial parent or a legal guardian.


The law (IC 36-12-2-25) requires that the minimum fee a Library Board may set must be the greater of the Library District’s operating fund expenditure per capita in the most recent year for which the information is available in the Indiana State Library’s annual report (Statistics of Indiana Libraries”); or $25.00. 


D.  Student Card


Per IC 36-12-2-25, students can receive a non-resident borrower’s library card at a discounted amount as set by the library’s Board of Trustees under the following condition: students of Kindergarten through Grade 12 whose classrooms are located within schools in the library’s taxing district (the City of Wabash) but place of residency is outside the taxing district (the City of Wabash). The card is issued for one year from the date of purchase, and will be purchased in person at the library.  The signature of a parent or guardian is required for all Student Cards for minor under age 18. 



3 month non-resident Student card:  $5.00

6 month non-resident Student card:  $10.00

9 months non-resident Student card:  $15.00

1 year non-resident Student card: $20.00


E. Institutional Borrowers (Institutions include businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations)


Institutions whose offices are located within the library taxing district are eligible to apply for a borrower’s card.  A request for an institutional card shall be submitted on official letterhead, addressed to the Library Director, signed by an administrator who will contract will the library for the use of that card, and assume responsibility for any loss or damage to the library materials, and fines accrued.  The card will be issued jointly in the name of the institution and the official who makes the application. Institutional cards are issued for institutional use only and not for personal use by employee.


F. Teacher’s Classroom Card


The library extends borrowing privileges to teachers of Kindergarten through Grade 12 whose classrooms are located within schools in the library’s taxing district (the City of Wabash).  The conditions for borrowing materials are outlined in the library’s Circulation Policy.  There are no extended loan periods, but materials may be renewed if they are not on reserve.  Photo ID may be required at the time of check-out.  Each teacher shall assume responsibility for fines accrued on their classroom card and any loss or damage to library materials.  Classroom cards are issued for one year.  Teacher’s Classroom cards are intended for classroom use only and not for personal home or family use by the teacher.   


G. Public Library Access Card (PLAC)


The Public Library Access Card (PLAC) is a statewide library card for individuals.  The PLAC allows an individual to borrow materials directly from any public library in Indiana.  An individual who is in "good standing" and eligible to obtain a valid resident or non-resident library card from one of the 238 public libraries in Indiana, qualifies to obtain a PLAC.  A PLAC may be obtained from any public library in Indiana.  The PLAC fee is set annually by the Indiana State Library.


If an individual is not a resident of any library district, that person shall pay the annual rate for an individual non-resident card, plus the PLAC fee. The rate for an individual non-resident card is set periodically by the Board of Trustees.



H.  Refunds and Gifts


Refunds - The library does not issue refunds for fees paid for the purchase of non-resident library cards, nor Public Library Access Cards (PLAC).


Gifts - The library does not accept payment for non-resident library cards, nor PLAC cards, that are intended as gifts for an individual who is not present at the time the borrower's application is made. However, the library does issue Library Card Gift Certificates for the purchase of non-resident cards.  The recipient may exchange the gift certificate for a library card when making an application in person.  The Library Card Gift Certificates cannot be used for PLAC cards.




Adopted by the Board of Trustees

April 21st, 2015

Revised: 11/8/94, 1/14/97, 5/15/97, 1/13/98, 2/10/98, 2/12/02, 3/13/02, 7/15/03, 2/15/06, 3/17/15; 4/21/15; 7/12/16**